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844-FRESNOH20 (844-373-7664)

For inquiries about your water quality, including taste, color, odor or pressure, please contact 559-621-CITY(2489).


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This form is for requesting information or submitting questions related to the City of Fresno Water Division’s Recharge Fresno program and projects. Please submit your contact information and mark the project(s) for which you would like periodic information.

Schedule a Presentation

Planning for Fresno’s water future is a complicated – and important – program and we want to tell you more about it. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak to your organization about water conditions in our region and the construction scheduled as part of the important Recharge Fresno projects. Please contact us at 844 – FRESNOH2O (844-373-7664) with a brief description of the type of presentation you are seeking.

Take Advantage of City of Fresno Conservation Resources

Conservation is the most economical and environmentally protective way to manage our limited water supplies, helping Fresno meet the many water resource challenges. The Water Division provides:

  • Water-wise landscape consultation
  • Irrigation efficiency audits
  • Help with irrigation controllers
  • Interior/exterior water leak surveys
  • Meter use information
  • Rebates
  • Public outreach and education
  • Enforcement of City of Fresno’s water regulations

Learn more about the City of Fresno Water Conservation Program.