Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility

Project Number: WC00057-SEWTF-001

Council District: County

The Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility maximizes use of surface water resources and ensures clean, safe water for Fresnans. The SESWTF was constructed on a 58-acre property southeast of the city, between North Fowler Avenue, East Floradora Avenue, North Armstrong Avenue and East Olive Avenue. Shown: Rendering of the SESWTF facility



The Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility (SESWTF) is a new water treatment facility designed to treat surface (river) water to drinking water standards and enable diversification of the City’s water supply. The facility is fed with surface water from the Kings River through a newly constructed thirteen-mile-long Kings River Pipeline and is designed to have initial and ultimate treatment capacities of 54 million gallons per day (mgd) and 80 mgd, respectively. This facility provides an additional 72,000 acre-feet per year of treated (potable) water for use by residential and commercial customers throughout the City.  Implementation of this and other ongoing major projects will reduce reliance on groundwater and alleviate groundwater depletion.


The Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility was built on a 58-acre property located southeast of the City, within unincorporated area of the County of Fresno, between North Fowler Ave., East Floradora Ave., North Armstrong Ave., and East Olive Ave.

Purpose of Project

For decades, the City of Fresno relied on groundwater as its main supply. While the City of Fresno receives a small portion of surface water from the San Joaquin River, Fresnans rely on groundwater for nearly 90 percent of its water. The SESWTF allows us to maximize use of available surface water in normal years, and reduce our dependence on groundwater resources, which are rapidly depleting. Treated surface water from the SESWTF provides an additional 72,000 acre-feet per year of treated water to the City’s water supply and will alleviate groundwater depletion.

Project Status

Construction of the Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility, the “backbone” of Recharge Fresno, is complete.  The project was completed safely and under budget.  The SESWTF began delivering drinking water to Fresno homes and business in May 2018.  The completion of the Kings River Pipeline and Regional Transmission Mains enabled the City to deliver water from the Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility to homes and businesses. These projects reduce dependence of groundwater and maximize access to water from the Kings River. The City is working to increase production to 54 million gallons per day (mgd).  The SWSWTF is currently producing approximately 30 MGD.


Design Start: July 2013
Design Completion: July 2015
Construction Contract Bid: October 2015
Construction Start: January 2016
Construction Finish: September 2018


Total Project Cost Estimate: $201,498,172
Construction Cost Estimate: $181,266,109

City Project Manager

Randy Hoffman, CH2M

Construction Manager

Carollo Engineers

Design Consultant

Carollo Engineers

Construction Contractor

W.M. Lyles Company


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